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About Me

I am an insightful, creative and committed freelance marketing consultant with 25 plus years extensive experience in strategic and tactical marketing, working for both start-up and established B2B UK and Global SaaS, Information Technology, Construction and Environmental organisations.   

I have a unique mix of complementary skills in business management, sales, customer service/success, product development and graphic design.

I am passionate about working with innovative, ambitious small and medium sized businesses that are looking to flourish at customer success. 

I work closely with clients to fully understand their business needs and deliver powerful integrated marketing strategies, campaigns and communications that speak to customer needs and deliver sustainable long-term results.

About My Brand

In creating a brand that would be meaningful to me and the vision I have for my business, I turned to my love of yoga and meditation for inspiration and the concept of the seven energy centres that resides within each of us.   

I chose the energy centre (located in the throat) associated with self-expression, communication and creativity, represented by the colour Blue turquoise.

The colour Blue is also associated with trust, wisdom, confidence, depth, expertise and stability, all traits that I look to offer my clients. 

I love a double-barrelled name (all my pets have had this cross to bear!) and couldn’t resist one for my business name! I wanted something to represent growth and my love of nature – hence the word Blooming.  

The colour green is the final element and represents life, renewal, nature, energy and growth.  


And thus, Blooming Blue Marketing was born! 

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